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I am Gary Gheno, I work in the event and sport field.

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Who am I ?

Determined, energetic and cheerful are the three qualities which are given to me. It is important to me to do things well, whatever I do. Human relations are for me primordial. My fields of knowledge come from my atypical curriculum. I started in the world of multimedia and web, going through project management and ski technician. In this way I was able to acquire many skills in these different areas.


What I do

Currently working in Courchevel (2018/2019) as a Ski technician, I previously did others jobs in the same ski resort for 3 years. Before that, I worked in differents ski resort as "Les Arcs", "Les Menuires". I try to work in the event field during the summer season and as a ski technician as soon as the snowflakes are calling.



Those are differents projects I participated as a part of the team !

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